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She's using the devils magic to point the little boom stick at the guy with the normal name.

Please support the original artist, never point guns at anyone, eat your vegetables.
safe1690183 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends975 edit130623 editor:i-shooped-a-pwny159 starlight glimmer48170 sunburst6630 oc674419 oc:gray30 19115 adorkable twilight and friends fanart27 car5994 checkstand8 clothes453613 emotions256 employee of the month40 facial hair5764 glock129 goatee1491 grocery store100 gun15793 hiding1418 jeep172 magic72414 name tag217 pistol2063 shirt24426 shopping382 stars15348 stubble309 suv31 weapon30178 work55


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Background Pony #6A87
I hope we will get a reasoning for Zeph somehow winning employee of the month. I love the AT&F series and how deep it really is, lol. So much you can miss if you don't look into it.
Background Pony #6A87
I know this is an edit, but Gray should be looking more at Starlight. Also I do think that Jeep Grand Wagoneer deserves to be the employee of the month way more than Zephyr does. We need an answer as to how or why that happened. At least they picked a good item in a can of soup. ;-)