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Originally, out of all the side-character I keep she was going to be an adoptable but in the end I liked her so much that I decided to keep her. Its been a long while and its because of motivation, university and just being distracted with other things.
I created this character a small time ago but finally got the nerve to upload her to the public. <333
I miss uploading stuff, I really do.
Hopefully, after more time uploading will become easier again. I got so many drawing ideas, video planning, animations I want to try and uploading more designs to my T-Shirt store. I already got lots in the works, just a lot is in W.I.P stages and the ones I've finished I'll be waiting to upload them in bulk. <333
There will be more coming soon! Including fan-art, original pieces and more updates soon. <3
Name- Lady 'Pop-Pop' Poprocks
Nicknames- Poprock, Rocky Road, Snappy, Fashion-Icon
Species-Curved-Horn Unicorn
Personality- Confident, Sassy, Artistic/Ethical, Independent, Visionary and Hardworking [Work-alcoholic]
Sexuality- Bisexual Bisexual Pride (F2U)
Relationship Status- Single
Things needed to know
-Lady is a part-time independent fashion designer and a full-time modelling agent.
-Whilst her career and lifestyle is considered of professional class and high hours, she's managed to label and present herself as a occasional part-raver in the spare time she has. Partying at night and working by day, being a fashion designer comes with wanting to improve and update her looks to the extreme.
-Lady likes to dye her mane and hooves bright colours whenever it fits her time frame, even going as far as colouring her unique curved horn and freckles. [Including changing her make-up, she's always got eye-shadow against her sharp eyelashes]
-Lady's tail colour is her natural hair colour
-Her cutie-mark is two striped glow-sticks resembling pop-rock candy.
[Nearly everything about her colour scheme can be played with and changed. Her eyes, make-up, hair, horn, freckles, hooves and nose ring is custom-able]


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