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Originally posted on: July 16, 2015, 4:16 AM UTC
Ato [MYO rosales entry]
This is Ato, the traveling Bard! He collects stories from all over the world and travels retelling them! I've been working on him for a while but I wound up rushing to complete! >A<
So His bio is incomplete, gomen!
He's a musician but also a great lover of pranks! Sometimes he takes his jokes too far though, and ends up getting run out of town! But realy all this rosales wants is to have some fun! He never means any real harm, and under his goofy facade is the heart of a real romantic, who wants true love more than anything else. Spoiler alert: He knows a LOT of love songs.

Large spots // uncommon
Tri-colored hair // rare
One folded ear // uncommon

For the MYO contest !

Rosales are a closed species by sweep-stakes


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