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Well Rarity couldn’t just let Pinkie Pie not join in on the action and what better way to celebrate than to be the life of the party!

safe2117329 artist:latexia78 pinkie pie249961 rarity212868 earth pony422765 unicorn512270 anthro345879 unguligrade anthro63141 g41926543 clapping787 clothes611357 cute257009 duo156350 duo female27553 female1738939 hat119486 hypnosis5201 hypnotized2551 jester440 jester hat239 jester pie146 juggling268 latex17897 latex suit6268 no pupils5609 open mouth225007 paint on fur462 raribetes6874 shiny3910 simple background569056 swirly eyes3258 white background151776


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