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Adorkable Twilight & Friends — “Hours Played.”
safe1691713 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends976 dj pon-329108 spike78295 vinyl scratch29108 dragon55397 pony953362 unicorn317121 comic:adorkable twilight and friends852 absurd resolution65920 adorkable3510 adorkable friends342 butt56489 comic108219 competition231 competitive10 controller2284 cute197667 dimples41 dimples of venus295 dork3779 female1349619 friendship1250 game3617 games92 gaming551 humor973 male367872 mare473700 plot77953 shocked6856 sitting62417 slice of life1361 surprised9150 television2445 video game4812 wifu1


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Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

That's him, officer
Between Smash Bros, Skyrim, BlazBlue Cross Tag, Tetris 99, and Youtube, I've logged a lot of hours and still do to this day.
Background Pony #7DD4
Love comics with Vinyl! How'd her stream career go? The one with Tavi is by far my favorite in a long time!
Background Pony #A99C
Who hasn't left the tv or something on once or twice while they went and made dinner. Dinner is a daily activity, as well.
An hour a day would take about about 3 years to reach 1,000 after all. And sometimes you would take a second hour.
Neko Majin C
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Twilight's Westley
Why are they so surprised? She said she has been playing it for years. What they should be surprised at is that she has been playing the same game for years and not picked up the sequels. Unless this is one of the sequels.
Background Pony #A99C
I believe in the theory "We play games that are as close to what we want to do, but cannot, as we can find." Factorio. Stellaris. Minecraft. The Sims. That we cannot craft buildings or develop science though remote-controlled robots that we are not allowed to buy is of no fault of ours. Also, see the SweetieBot, the Protein Folder, and the Tricorder Project. It is sensible to leave the zappy fire-starting work to those with the aptitude for it.