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On the topic of sketches and partially unfinished work, I decided to actually put together somewhat of a reference sheet for my griffon girl, Gaela. Had a few times we've done art jams where OCs have come up, so I wanted to have something a little nicer than random edits of my older pics to pass around if we ever do more again! I also heard a few of you guys think she's cool, so here's a few things that'll help get to know her design and character a bit better, I hope.

There's a ton of little notes on here, but I could go on and on, really. In fact, don't mind if I do! Here's a few random details you likely do not know about this griffon (nor probably care about but hey, as good as place as any):
• Has sort of British-Transatlantic accent, not quite as feminine or high-pitched as Rarity and nowhere near as refined. If you've seen Stargate SG-1, think like Vala Mal Doran. That kinda accent right there.
• She almost religiously grooms her wings and fur every morning before throwing on her uniform and playing hostess for The Eiffel Tower, a pub in Klugetown that she works with the owner, her friend Moonshine. Does not mind getting into all sorts of messes on the job or after hours, but always tries to look her best. Takes some pride in her combed fur and well-preened feathers.
• Usually uses a cheap perfume that combines the smell of a musky oudh oil with cedar and a floral bouquet. The perfume mixes with her preening oils to make it overall very faint, but still barely detectable. You'd probably notice bar smells before you'd catch her perfume, unless you had your face buried in her chest fluff or something. Has to keep it quite light as her customers sometimes have very sensitive noses.
• Not very refined at all. The most posh thing she does is take good care of her talons, not just because they're great natural defenses but also because she uses them for lockpicking (an open secret). Most everything else she gets into for a single day can just be toweled away and wait for a bath or, if on her uniform, laundry day.
• Loves to sleep on rooftops and streets as much as a bed, but prefers company to snuggle with. Often likes to drape her wings on others and pull them near her sides (caution: she's quite warm there)
• Despite being half-cat, loves it when it rains. She'll sit outside in a regal pose and just let it soak her until she gets too cold.
• Probably a little bit of an alcoholic, likes to drink liquor until she's buzzed. Almost has it down to a science and knows when to stop for optimum buzzage… unless it's something she's not tried before. Usually only drinks in the evening hours off the job, when she's got time to dance and party a little… or with "friends", including hobos and random strangers.
• Loves to sing and dance. Actually pretty good at singing, but tends towards simpler dances. Recently learned a pony-trot-stomp dance she really likes doing on-stage at the bar, as the patrons clap along. Is okay at playing the piano, but nothing fast or complex.

I didn't really put too many lewd details on the drawing as I wanted to keep it mostly neutral/SFW, but she's of course a rather lewd catbirb and has a few sexual quirks as well, which I'll just go ahead and hide behind a giant spoiler tag riiiiiiiight here:

Unf Stuff:
Open game as far as potential partners; anything that wants to fuck, really. Her only exception is letting a male griffon cum inside her pussy. That's a big turn off, as she's terrified of actually becoming a mom. Doesn't mean she won't carry around some eggs from a tentacle monster or whatnot, though, that's hot stuff
On that note, she enjoys and will actively seek out interspecies flings, just for the thrill of a new sexual experience. Being more of a free-love type, she's not into relationships and is upfront about that (slut slut slut). That said, there have only been a few creatures she's ever turned down, either because their anatomy is unpleasant (spines, too damn big, waaay too cold, etc) or the creature themself is an asshat. Will make exceptions for unpleasant species, but not for asshats.
Despite the beak, she's very good at oral. Has a long and dexterous tongue. It's a little on the thinner side, so not like a paddle shape more than a bird's kinda rounder, smoother shape. Can wrap it around lots of stuff! Beak works great as an improvised dildo when she's with a girl, feels great for her, too. She enjoys licking and teasing out orgasms the most, though, rather than having her face getting butt-slammed repeatedly… sometimes, at least. Depends on the butt and her mood.
Genitals are… well, think 'big cat'. She's a big cat back there, so she's got a cat pussy/anus. Go figure, huh? Nothing special, just a fuzzy peach and tight, folded pucker, as you'd expect on a griffon.
Is exceptionally quick to become aroused and drippy, lots of sex juice. Firm touches, like squeezing hugs, bindings, petting and bondage all make her run like a faucet. Her own taste is on the lighter side… of course, when she's not also mixed with someone else's cum.
While it embarrasses her, she's actually quick to purr when she's aroused. This is something she usually suppresses in public and during sex unless she actually knows her partner a bit. Even then, if they laugh or make fun of her for it, she gets really self-conscious and finds ways to keep it under control, usually with sharp throat-clearing sounds tapered off into soft laughs. Purring becomes rather loud if she's masturbating in private and not doing anything to quiet herself.
Has a lot of confidence when she's being taken vaginally. Despite being a gigantic slut, she includes some potions in her self-care repertoire, so she manages to stay tight but stretchy, being able to accommodate all but the biggest of boys. Thoroughly enjoys receiving oral, but you'll have to spend some time to make her cum (caution: hope you're thirsty)
She's nowhere near as confident with anal sex. Much tighter there and it causes her a little pain, but she deeply enjoys it. Again, includes some self-care potions to keep herself tight and clean, ready to fuck at a moment's notice
Having her tail pulled, being spanked, being lightly choked, and being tied up are all big kinks of hers. Loves bondage and restraints, though not all the time; she just wants a quick fugg, usually.

Alright, now that this wall of text is done, anybody that cares about this particular griffon probably knows way too much about her now. Very good! Hope you guys like her, this fucking short-story sized text dump, and remember to keep it classy, ponefriends ;)


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