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One of my ponified real-life friends from my headcanon FO:E mod.😎
Blink, also known as Blinker per specification, is the ponified version of Michael Hutzler. He used to work at the Equestrian Facilitate for Future Musicians but is now involved in crime prevention, especially concerning the raider community.  
He is an assistant to Nocturnal Vision, Killer Epic and five other ponifiers (ponified real-life people) in the Fallout Resistance against a darkness-led commune.  
Also a reformed former member of this commune after discovering its true intentions.  
Older brother to Rustic Charm and the oldest of the Romance Brothers. One of Nocturnal Vision’s real-life friends. :)
I will post the vectors of the other members as I complete them 😁
Blink has given me my 600th overall upload. 🥳😀
Reuploaded two days later (4/23/21) because his Rose Pipbuck 3000 was missing. Don’t know how I missed that. 😮
Due to reupload, .svg available image 8,200. 🥳
safe1754073 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan304 derpibooru exclusive29363 oc713438 oc:blinker1 alicorn233451 pony1013722 fallout equestria17606 my little pony: the movie19475 .svg available8470 absurd resolution67051 alicorn oc27692 alternate universe10516 belt5888 clothes477038 coat markings5454 confidence32 confident808 determined784 determined face25 determined look93 determined smile40 eye1695 flourish3 glowing4767 gun16359 handgun2851 horn78188 inkscape1936 jacket13200 latex12371 male389058 mane1973 mod662 movie accurate1302 neck line13 persona528 pipbuck3614 pipbuck 300016 pipbuck rose 30002 pistol2148 ponified42038 ponified music artist12 ponysona2874 red696 relentless sorrow (psalm's handgun)4 revolver1636 socks (coat markings)3225 spread wings57256 stallion116169 stallion oc36 stripes1386 svg3704 tail31297 utility belt46 vector77936 weapon31484 wings123722 zipper827


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