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The third member of the team of allegiance versus the raiders in my FO:E mod headcanon world, Rustic Charm 😁
Rustic Charm is another of Nocturnal Vision’s ponified real-life friends - he is akin to Jacob Hutzler and, based on that reality, is Blink’s younger brother.
Like his real-life side, Rusty (his shorter pet name 😊) was a professional drummer and drum teacher at the Equestrian Facilitate for Future Musicians, and also served part-time on the Equestriterian Church worship team, with his pastoral friend Breaking Point. Due to the constant disturbance upon Equestria’s farther reaching boundaries and cities by the darkness revolution, he left his two jobs behind to join the light resistance and stop the revolutionary raider company.
Rustic Charm is Nocturnal Vision’s second-best friend after Killer Epic, who remains both her number one friend and inspiration. Very determined and strong-willed but a compassionate romantic at heart.🤗
I call him and Blinker the Romance Brothers, because of their wonderful chemistry. Plus the fact that Noctie has a teeny crush on this handsome boi. 😁  
Colored wings image 5,900. 🤗
safe1752838 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan303 derpibooru exclusive29345 oc712997 oc only465991 oc:rustic charm1 alicorn233246 pony1012577 fallout equestria17600 my little pony: the movie19470 .svg available8469 absurd resolution67040 alicorn oc27677 barding15 clothes476689 coat markings5443 colored wings6566 determination136 determined784 determined face25 determined look93 determined smile40 flourish3 gradient mane973 gradient tail230 gradient wings815 holster423 horn78015 jacob hutzler1 knee pads395 knife5497 lidded eyes31858 male388735 mane1967 markings1869 mod662 movie accurate1301 neck line13 persona528 pipbuck3612 pipbuck 300016 pipbuck rose 30002 pocket knife6 ponified42030 ponysona2872 raised hoof48508 shield2209 simple background409928 solo1095866 spread wings57206 stallion116014 stallion oc36 straps777 svg3704 swirls74 tail31140 transparent background209227 vault suit3646 vector77923 wings123556 zipper826


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Background Pony #F7D7
I am really looking forward to when you’re ready to create my next request because your art looks so awesome