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The fourth of my group of ponified real-life friends from my FO:E headcanon universe resistance quintet, Breaking Point. :) Breaking Point is the ponified alias to my good friend Travis Martin, who has moved up from California to Idaho a few months recently ago. He is, in the FO:E universe mod, one of Nocturnal Vision’s besties outside of Killer Epic and Rustic Charm (basically, her third fav 😁).
Much like how he was in real-life prior to the recent move, Breaking Point served as a music teacher and worship leader at the Equestriterian Church building. He was co-owner of the worship department with Rustic Charm, but the turmoil on the border caused by the raiders forced him and the rest of his staff to halt their weekly service. Along with the rest of the resistance, he is working to stop the turmoil brought on Equestria by its rogue revolutionaries from the raider community. He is one of the most humble ponies anyone would know, and because of that, is more hesitant towards the fighting end. This song-and-dance alicorn pastor isn’t afraid to defend himself with his ordinary magic if necessary, however - should he be faced with warfare, he is as capable as any other of the resistance alicorns. Longest profile yet, I think. Just me left - plus a couple other pones related to this headcanon series. 😄
SVG was way too big to upload originally, due to the realistic denim I used for his jacket (not a vector,  
originally at 44 MB). So I had to downsize the clip art effect to upload. Now it’s fine.
My 230th artist upload. 😁
safe1753198 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan304 derpibooru exclusive29352 oc713143 oc only466046 oc:breaking point1 alicorn233282 pony1012855 fallout equestria17600 my little pony: the movie19472 .svg available8469 absurd resolution67043 alicorn oc27683 alternate universe10514 blue eye20 blue eyes5755 clothes476805 colored wings6568 confidence32 confident808 denim276 denim jacket32 determination136 determined784 determined face25 determined look93 determined smile40 fire11780 gradient wings816 happy32237 highlights414 hoof shoes5788 horn78063 looking up17177 male388820 mane1969 markings1874 mod662 movie accurate1302 musician294 neck line13 pipbuck3612 pipbuck 300016 ponified42033 ponysona2873 raised hoof48511 shading1996 shirt26251 simple background410017 smiling261852 solo1096066 spread wings57220 stallion116054 stallion oc36 svg3704 t-shirt4675 tail31184 tattoo5811 transparent background209270 vector77928 white shirt70 wings123594


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