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Fifth member of my FO:E headcanon world resistance team, and the first who is actually not a real-life friend. The very mare who bears the word in her name, True Resistance.

True Resistance is unlike all my ponified friends thus far, as she the ponification of a persona. She is the literal pony manifest of the heroine from the music video for 'Feed the Machine' by the rock band Red, one of my favorite bands of all time 🙂 (Shameless fangirl plug there. 😁), who I believe is the same girl from their Darkest Part music video, four years later. 😊 And that's also implicated in the Fallout mod.

True Resistance owns the store Stable-Tec, a Fallout clothing and Pipbuck
warehouse. She was the first pony to hold a stand against the raider revolution, parallel to the one in the same music video. (That revolutionary team being called Stable-Wreck, an antithesis to her store Stable-Tec.)

After Stable-Wreck began to wreak havoc on the Equestrian border, she met up with her other ponified friends once they had come through the interdimensional portal from Earth to Equestria. She is now serving as Killer Epic's lead assistant, along with Blink, and is a valuable scavenger and a worthy mapmaker. Seeing that she was the first in the Equestrian Wasteland, she knows nearly every nook and cranny of the raider camp and will not hesitate to share her influence.

True Resistance is a special type alicorn, in addition to being a ponifier — she was blessed upon her arrival and continuation of her human-world resistance against the darkness constitution with the essence of Cognitum (from Project Horizons, the same one who possessed Blackjack. Her purity granted her the non-corrupt variant of that artificial intelligence's magic, and she bears her indigo wing and hoof gradients as a testament. Her magic is also indigo, and she is arguably the most powerful member of the resistance alicorns due to literally possessing part of an entity.

Love for a good girl, and pony all in one. And for an awesome band you should totally check out — this video story is amazing. 😎

Giant image resolution warning. 😮

And, in case you're wondering, True Resistance was the one who helped to free Blink from the organization he was trapped in. Stable-Wreck is owned by a pretty slick pony — you'll meet him later in my vector series. 🥺🙂

Spoiler: Her cutie mark is a fragmented logo, based on the video series' revolutionary organization logo. That will be explained when he comes. 😁

Palindromed both determined and determination (747 and 131). 🥳
safe1725234 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan287 derpibooru exclusive28732 oc696485 oc only455462 oc:true resistance2 alicorn228130 cognitum alicorn2 pony985540 fallout equestria17250 my little pony: the movie19183 .svg available8395 absurd resolution66492 alicorn oc27085 biker jacket25 clothes466557 cognitum5 colored wings6307 confidence32 confident803 delta pipbuck6 determination136 determined774 determined face25 determined look93 determined smile40 eyebrows5774 female1379764 gradient hooves650 gradient wings776 gun16124 handgun2789 horn70391 inkscape1860 jacket12762 leather jacket3323 leg guards8 lidded eyes31208 looking back58592 mane1883 mare490076 mod639 movie accurate1261 pipbuck3527 pistol2113 ponified41529 rearing5778 relentless sorrow (psalm's handgun)4 revolver1617 shading1923 shield2182 smiling253889 solo1076939 spread wings55635 svg3680 tail28918 vector77262 weapon30870 wings111018


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