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I love Starscream’s expression here!

safe2152286 artist:jack lawrence49 applejack198658 rainbow dash277056 rarity215691 cybertronian130 earth pony437009 pegasus487080 pony1580164 robot11411 unicorn527831 g42004919 idw20173 the magic of cybertron105 spoiler:comic13467 spoiler:friendship in disguise130 autobot254 decepticon319 embarrassed15051 facepalm571 female1778679 hug37144 male542232 mare726971 now kiss468 optimus prime1112 shockwave130 starscream402 transformers4581


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William Flutter

oh yeah
As for these two in particular, Optimuss Mouthplate, at least in the G1 cartoon was never retractable, and Shockwaves face literally has no mouth
William Flutter

Animation Error, in-universe explained by a later Q&A section from the Cybertron toyline aptly named “Ask Vector Prime”, where the aforementioned character answers fan questions, which later was put into Facebook, and in-universe it was caused by rifts in the time-space continuum throughout the Transformers Multiverse
Background Pony #E766
Primus, Why?  
**Autobots and Decepticons joined as “PROPOSAL?” **