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For clarity: This is NOT the same Firebrand as the famous Youtuber. This pony is a different person altogether — and his name is split, different from that pone. 😁

Speaking of YouTube…here he is. The main antagonist of my MLP FO:E headcanon world, the revolution leader Fire Brander (short form Fire Brand or just Brandy).

Fire Brand is not an official real-life ponifier, but he is ponified from a person I have seen in my dreams for several years now. In that dream (which involves nearly every pony from this universe, but as their natural person forms), he is known as Winslow Rivers — and he owns the fictional world takeover organization from Red's music video. That organization is named Accedia, in proper the Accedian Corporation/International.

Under his human form, he looks more like Blink's human persona; but, in the FO:E mod, he looks completely unlike his human state. His fur being replaced red and his black hair changed to a golden mustard mane, yet his grayish-green eyes remained consistent with the exception of their slit pupils.

Fire Brand is as ruthless a pony as the man I have witnessed in my dreamworld — a slick, tricky commander and the absolute most destitute leader. Among all his raidery, being driven to pure insanity and recklessness to accomplish the same goal for Stable-Wreck as his human form has for Accedia in the music video series — to destroy and conquer.

Being that True Resistance stood against his corporation in both the video series and the FO:E world, he is her strongly abhorrent rival. Doing everything in his power to not only destroy the wasteland, but eventually capture her and then all the Equestrian world. A little far stretching, but likely the most diabolical equine to ever trot the face of Equus.

Fortunately for the wasteland and Equestria, this contraband is up against a pretty determined resistance — led by his other top rival, if not the biggest. Fire Brand and Killer Epic have clashed once in this world so far, and the loss was so severe, he sought to repay in all vengeance. This ruthless revolutionist attacked a wasteland outpost visited by the liberation before — and after capturing one of its fillies who had become Killer Epic's big fan after the liberation's visit, he tortured the young filly mare to death. (That is parallel with one of my dreams, too. D:) When the resistance heard of this horrible atrocity, the great leader thereof promised to bring her justice.

Thereafter, the two parties met, and Fire Brand and Killer Epic duked out a heated battle of fire and magic, with the latter inciting a pocketknife duel at its end (Fire Brand has a knife as well, not visible). The veteran revolutionary was wounded twice on his right hoof, receiving a cross-shaped scar afterward — a constant reminder of the dreadful agony he had beaten onto that poor little mare.

From that day forward, he is swearing revenge on all the world for the demolition of his evil kingdom come — and is hoping to win his war with Killer Epic in its entirety.

Whew, that was a long bio. But sometimes, more is necessary. 😌

Fire Brand carries the same pistol model as both True Resistance and his former service member Blink (Relentless Sorrow, owned by Project Horizons' Psalm originally), and the same pocketknife model Killer Epic has (smaller version of Rustic Charm's. Along with his custom, Stable-Wreck black bandanna representing his crazy world of darkness.

Lastly: his cutie mark is the Accedian logo, counter to True Resistance's cracked A. C. logo cutie mark. Just an interesting contrast to close on. :)

This is the most ridiculous pony, and dreamworld person, I've ever known. But it's done. 😎

Dang it, he got my 616th upload palindrome. Ah well. 🥺😊
safe1725239 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan287 derpibooru exclusive28732 oc696494 oc:fire brander1 pony985545 unicorn331554 fallout equestria17250 my little pony: the movie19183 .svg available8395 absurd resolution66492 angry27611 bandana5406 crouching595 cutie mark48393 gritted teeth12506 growling382 gun16124 handgun2789 highlights343 holster420 horn70397 inkscape1860 insanity2640 logo3708 looking at you171829 lore in description14 male379442 mane1883 movie accurate1261 murderer54 owner1 pipbuck3527 pipbuck 300016 pistol2113 ponified41528 raider776 revolutionist1 revolver1617 shading1923 shrunken pupils3208 slit eyes4644 slit pupils774 snarling154 stallion111725 stallion oc36 straps745 svg3680 tail28918 unicorn oc9902 vector77262 weapon30871 what a lovely pony to meet in the middle of the night18


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