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Killer Epic’s FO:E Mod 😎🔥
This is my alternate universe take on his character. Carries a darker color version of Blackjack’s Vigilance.😁
Killer Epic is the main frontman on the headcanon FO:E module world alicorn resistance against the raider revolution, and being so, is its leader. He also became the caretaker to Nocturnal Vision after rescuing her from Blink, when the fire-winged alicorn had tried to enlist her. Back when the reformed alicorn was still a member of the rebellion known as Stable-Wreck, he was caught by Epic trying to forcefully recruit Nocturnal Vision into his commune by kidnapping. The wanderer girl couldn’t stand up because of her fear, but Killer Epic came to her rescue and defended her, while fighting the rogue alicorn to chase him off. He was soon gratefully appreciated by the wandering little brown pone, who was excited all at once to have both met and been rescued by her favorite artist.
Killer Epic and Nocturnal Vision became immediate best friends, even very close on certain occasions. And he vowed to protect her as her constant pony-world guardian - a status he continues to hold, even now as the liberation’s lead pony. 😊
While he usually seeks to avoid battles at all costs, Killer Epic is a specially trained gunfighter and will not hesitate to fight by fire if it is absolutely necessary. In honor of the great Fallout leader Blackjack, he has borne a variant of her authentic Vigilance - which has become his most notable asset as well.😁
Carries also a pinstrap pocketknife (similar to the one Rustic Charm has but smaller, not visible on this image), and a very well-versed knowledge of his magical ability. In summary, the second-most powerful alicorn via the resistance, second only to the Cognitum alicorn herself. 😌
Update, 13 days later (5/2/21): How the heck did I miss his wing gradient?! D:< Fixed :/
safe1859879 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan434 derpibooru exclusive31492 oc776515 oc:killer epic24 alicorn253228 pony1204098 fallout equestria19108 my little pony: the movie20125 .svg available9041 alicorn oc30477 alternate design3588 alternate universe11033 belt6882 clothes518218 colored wings8300 computer screen177 cross856 cross necklace79 crossed hooves2272 determination143 determined830 determined face35 determined look112 determined smile51 fire12684 glowing8408 gold pipbuck 300010 gradient ears20 gradient eyes80 gradient wings1014 gun17420 handgun3123 highlights630 holster448 horn98071 jacket14762 leather jacket4277 lincoln brewster24 looking at you195888 male422276 mane2267 movie accurate1455 neck line16 pipbuck3825 pipbuck 300028 pistol2299 ponified44132 ponified music artist25 raised eyebrow7216 raised hoof54292 revolver1732 screen420 shading2486 simple background454675 smiling296539 smiling at you9733 spread wings65147 stallion132361 stallion oc92 strings115 svg4040 tail48632 transparent background229568 utility belt51 vector81163 vigilance (gun)13 weapon33937 wings148294 zipper910


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