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safe1949472 artist:chub-wub657 fluttershy236097 twilight sparkle330381 alicorn270405 pegasus396635 pony1299678 blushing235338 butterscotch2026 buttershine12 cute232549 dusk shine2593 duskshy46 eyes closed118344 female1582562 gay32664 half r63 shipping2398 hug33110 lesbian107744 male451757 mare605891 nuzzling4532 one eye closed39207 raised hoof58746 rule 6330511 shipping227493 shyabetes16720 simple background491994 stallion146275 straight157582 twiabetes13683 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137492 twiscotch12 twishy1420 white background127210 winghug3410 wings169840 wink29230


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Background Pony #F2FD
I don’t care much for the ship but I think its nice to finally see Butterscotch and Dusk Shine. The reaction there is adorable and one I was sure we’d see eventually.