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That moment when you are minding your own business until you feel a soft head resting on your lap, but you aren't sure what she wants until you check with your phone app translator. Only question now is, will you comply?
safe1726075 artist:duragan159 arizona cow1171 cow3392 human156629 them's fightin' herds4633 application11 arizonadorable44 bandana5409 behaving like a dog1381 calf87 clothes466833 community related4299 cute202752 eye1672 eye clipping through hair6046 eyes1987 female1380475 hand8879 high res31096 jeans4221 legs8646 offscreen character34896 pants14906 phone6415 pov14265 puppy dog eyes745 soft155 translation2397


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Background Pony #E045
Of course, you should comply! In fact, why do you need an app? Just scritch her when you see her. Life hacks.