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could this be a possible bohemian rhapsody reference at the end of friendship through the age?
safe1727117 edit134203 edited screencap66198 screencap224431 applejack171516 fluttershy214885 pinkie pie218176 rainbow dash236180 rarity183620 twilight sparkle303102 human156727 equestria girls203180 friendship through the ages498 bohemian rhapsody41 brian may18 dark background966 freddie mercury87 humane five3497 humane seven2608 humane six3321 john deacon14 queen (band)171 roger taylor20 silhouette2561 song reference3465 the rainbooms319


not provided yet


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Bohemian Rhapsody is the most overrated song in history. I used to like it until they played it too many times to the point to where it got on my nerves each time I heard it. Doesn't anyone ever get tired of this? Also, other than Freddie Mercury's singing and one guitar solo, none of the members even play well.

@Grapefruit Face
If they knew about us we'd all be getting sued lol