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what if sunset is actually the horny one ?? she's the one who escaped horny jail and adagio has to bonk her everytime
and that's for her own safety !! who knows what a horny she-demon can do to a poor defenceless siren
safe1725832 artist:stummm130 adagio dazzle13046 sunset shimmer63806 equestria girls203018 :34607 blushing200781 bonk130 chibi14579 comic110178 cross-popping veins1684 female1380242 floating heart2723 heart49125 hitting204 horny1124 lesbian98029 newspaper1692 shipping202674 sketch63606 sunsagio749


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@Background Human
They don't need to, but they're more then willing to. The less violent versions of sirens would often lure sailors onto their island, and the sailors would be so enraptured by them and their song that they would starve to death.

So I guess its just down to interpretation.
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Its basically assumed that any non-human magical being that can entrance an entire school and even take more direct control over the Principle's actions, even turning Luna gay (see screenshot of VP Luna scrawling hearts while swooning at the Dazzlings) would have the libido to match if the need arises. Its a safe assumption.

So its already canon they can make people fall in love with them to an excessive degree, heck we don't know what the dazzlings did special to the principles to put them into such deep control (everyone else was just having their negative emotions amplified while feeding off of that). They ARE sirens, so family friendly shows have to be leave some stuff to the imagination.

Keep in mind, their only interest in the movie was to inevitably absorb Humane 5 and Twilight's energy since they had real magic and could help them turn back into full fledged, empowered sirens.
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@Dewdrops On The Grass
I know about sirens хД I meant that the fact that she was seductive doesn't necessary mean she has an 'excessive libido' ..
anyway, outside usage of their magic, I don't think I remember anything ? the fandom exaggerated it

yes yes yes yes unobvious role-reversal I like
Dewdrops On The Grass
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It's because people saw the way they moved and associate classical mythology with this version of sirens. Classically they used sex to seduce and then murder people. (Usually men.)

So given some of their actions, in particular Adagio's finger touching of various people during the Battle of the Bands song, it's easy to interpret her as having an excessive libido.

Me however I do think this idea is funnier just because the idea of Sunset going around being horny all the time amuses me greatly.