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Here are the rest of the stream requests!
safe1750546 artist:ruef456 scootaloo51914 spitfire13692 pegasus309167 pony1010593 angry28071 bits1122 blank flank7709 blushing204662 chest fluff41216 cute205713 cutealoo2946 cutefire227 duo64728 duo female11929 ear fluff31198 featured image908 female1401897 filly69630 floppy ears54508 grumpy2596 high res32715 hmph31 kiddie ride47 madorable721 mare502199 missing cutie mark4777 plane2764 pouting2019 profile6281 scootaloo is not amused169 simple background409138 spread wings57063 sweet dreams fuel1667 unamused16757 white background102488 wings123121


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Physics Pon
The 'Spitfire riding an airplane toy' piece was suggested by me on stream. Another watcher wanted Scootaloo next, and the images merged into one ball of cuteness.