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Not a personal ship, but I'll roll with it.😄

Done for Cinco de Mayo, and as a late birthday celebration for Pinkie Pie (whose birthday was on Monday, May 3rd).🥳😁

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021, and a belated happy birthday to my favorite earth pony. 🥰
safe1749028 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan299 derpibooru exclusive29275 king sombra14225 pinkie pie220038 earth pony265426 pony1009259 umbrum1241 unicorn341728 .svg available8453 absurd resolution67000 armor24436 aura889 balloon10415 belly button81092 birthday2726 birthday cake933 birthday candle11 birthday candles83 bubble5737 cake10078 candle4899 cape10717 cinco de mayo38 cinco de mayo 20211 clothes475354 colored horn668 curved horn7168 cute205516 dark magic2760 determined smile40 diapinkes10270 ethereal mane8437 ethereal tail451 eye1689 fangs26639 female1400599 flowing mane2001 flowing tail1189 food72874 glowing4594 hoof around neck188 hoof on head427 horn77338 inkscape1930 king sombrero61 levitation12540 lifted leg531 lightning3266 looking at you175419 magic75317 magic aura4629 male387525 mane1953 mare501576 no base24 one eye closed32444 pinkie pie riding sombra2 pinkie pie's birthday18 ponies riding ponies2495 prancing512 raised hoof48377 riding7606 robe3746 royal cape46 shipping205514 shoes38673 simple background408665 smiling260434 smiling at you5152 smoke2673 sombra eyes3608 sombra horn481 sombradorable341 sombrapie72 sombrero327 stallion115528 straight140206 svg3699 telekinesis28685 text62124 transparent background208633 vector77828 wall of tags3640 wink25626 winking at you1086


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Wand of Inferno
I swear americans celebrate 5 de mayo more than us Mexicans
Like, we don't even remember what we did.
"Oh yes, the battle against the french… what about it?"