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POV: Local retired goddess asks you to sit next to her after you helped her out moving some furniture.
I hope y’all like this, I’m really happy with how this milf-lestia came out. <3
suggestive151599 artist:longinius849 princess celestia97846 alicorn239038 anthro276253 alternate hairstyle29753 big breasts88976 blushing209906 breasts296844 busty princess celestia10780 cleavage36408 clothes488722 ear piercing29170 earring23044 erect nipples11886 female1433952 heart51338 high res36294 huge breasts41500 jewelry71955 milf10203 momlestia fuel110 monochrome154517 necklace21618 nipple outline8147 piercing44745 solo1121712 sweater15288 traditional art122305


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Background Pony #CD34
Tia’s not a mom (that we know of), but it’d be pretty tough to find a mare more motherly.