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safe1706480 artist:grandescartoons15 artist:superedit118 edit132521 edited screencap65201 screencap222220 moondancer4875 twilight sparkle300337 alicorn224436 pony967609 unicorn323359 amending fences1253 adventure in the comments1275 animated98640 bedroom eyes59383 bipedal34568 blue mane937 blushing197649 bush2694 clothes459629 collage1394 cute199809 cutie mark47724 daaaaaaaaaaaw3884 dancerbetes381 discovery family999 discovery family logo11676 eyes closed93549 female1363133 floppy ears52319 glasses61909 grass9688 hnnng2432 horn67277 hug28273 kiss edit50 kissing24646 lesbian96978 long mane3301 mare480586 multicolored mane1558 one eye closed30733 outdoors10691 pink mane812 purple mane521 red mane506 shipping200255 smiling248497 spread wings54722 surprise kiss794 sweater14509 sweet dreams fuel1598 tail27788 the great and powerful superedit59 twiabetes11754 twidancer306 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123666 wide eyes17044 wings107404 wink24744


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