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safe1728543 artist:grandescartoons15 artist:superedit118 edit134293 edited screencap66243 screencap224509 moondancer4939 twilight sparkle303301 alicorn228782 pony988754 unicorn332991 amending fences1260 adventure in the comments1279 animated99749 bedroom eyes60368 bipedal35408 blue mane1042 blushing201209 bush2755 clothes467732 collage1410 cute203074 cutie mark48527 daaaaaaaaaaaw4526 dancerbetes386 discovery family1005 discovery family logo11706 eyes closed95726 female1382722 floppy ears53304 glasses63192 grass9913 hnnng2465 horn71043 hug28736 kiss edit50 kissing25033 lesbian98156 long mane3365 mare491750 multicolored mane1612 one eye closed31634 outdoors11169 pink mane860 purple mane587 red mane531 shipping203057 smiling254632 spread wings55805 surprise kiss800 sweater14711 sweet dreams fuel1614 tail29122 the great and powerful superedit59 twiabetes12129 twidancer307 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124987 wide eyes17223 wings111676 wink25223


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