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Thanks RedXBacon for the inspiration.


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Chrysalis: Think, Thorax, Think! You’re making the changeling species weak for accepting love, to kneel before other species, show mercy to predators. Your kingdom will fall without any pride!
Thorax: heh… pride… you mean… your pride, right? You make us living like… parasites which every species wants to destroy us because you don’t know how to love… you’re not a hero… neither a queen… you’re just a parasite… you only fight because you want admiration of the subjects… nothing else…

Ah, like I said, I couldn’t remember, I just remember reading part of the first volume at my local comic shop (where little kids and parents couldn’t see of course for obvious reasons)
Another good read I’d recommend is Nailbiter, I don’t know if The series ended or not.
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I know this is completely off topic, but I’ve noticed that amazon has been releasing more stuff from the Image comics line (I don’t know if The Boys counts) but now I’m wondering if they’ll do a animated run of Hack/Slash next?
The Boys is by Dynamite Comics.

I know this is completely off topic, but I’ve noticed that amazon has been releasing more stuff from the Image comics line (I don’t know if The Boys counts) but now I’m wondering if they’ll do a animated run of Hack/Slash next?

@H.L. Xkcess  
All you’re telling me tbh is that the continuity of the mlp canon if effed up. If the primary canon refers to stuff that happened in B canon or that previously primary canon disputed then this is just too big to be arsed about.
“But in the bigger context…” but in the bigger context nothing. Unless you write in perfectly analogous characters or ponify the characters there’s never going to be any “perfect fit”s. All you’re telling me is that “These characters aren’t Omniman and Invincible”
Yeah… no shit Sherlock. Sorry but that’s just a “Captain Obvious” comment.
As far as characterisation goes… I don’t really care. I was never in any delusion that Chrysalis was not a villain. The only reason I’m more favorable for redemption to Chrysalis is… because I want to and tbh I don’t want to explain myself to you. I don’t really want to know why you force your “canon” interpretation to a “fanon” drawing. I don’t think anyone here claims this drawing is analogous to canon so I don’t really understand or want to know why you feel so upset about this.
Let people have fun.

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Ok so I have read-through these comments and ill give my two cents on it and hopefully if anyone disagrees we can be civil or I can go further on it in a forum.
Irredeemable by definition means impossible to correct improve or change, so it actually doesn’t mean you do something bad enough your irredeemable it means a refusal to ever change for the better in anyway. Ofc chrysalis has not done things as bad as Omni man but one could say he has shown constant regret/signs of not wanting to be evil they both are the way they are because of how there species is to a degree.
Redeemable means able to be recovered or saved from faults or bad aspects. If Omni is given a second chance and continues with his bad actions but shows signs of regret and small improvement of becoming better each time he is by definition redeemable and has a hard time being better but wants to be, if say someone else who has done comparatively less worse and is given a chance and never shows any sign of regret or even small improvement they are by definition irredeemable.
You are as redeemable as you make yourself to be, you may not be able to make up for all your actions in life but you can still correct yourself if you choose to.
H.L. Xkcess
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I was talking about the Invincible comic book series, not the IDW comics, but it doesn’t even matter since the latter is canon by proxy due to Season 10 being primary canon now and it refers to previous events of the IDW comics. And yes, superficially, the meme works and is a funny may may. But in the bigger context, I was making a joke about how unlike Omni Man, Chrysalis is too prideful and spiteful to do introspection to even begin a redemption arc. Chrysalis had one dream since she was small and pursued it to the bitter end.
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I don’t know what’s going on but whatever it is needs to chill out. There’s no need to get into such a strong debate over a drawing and insult people.