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Amethyst Star Turning the mane. 6 into a sleeping blanket
suggestive148254 artist:lilacnightmare103 part of a set13455 amethyst star2626 applejack173142 fluttershy217095 pinkie pie220053 rainbow dash238402 rarity185454 sparkler2480 twilight sparkle305963 alicorn232669 earth pony265482 pegasus308719 pony1009360 unicorn341796 ball3967 blanket5519 both cutie marks10778 curled up317 flattened441 flattening80 inanimate object70 inanimate tf1677 magic75327 mane six32542 meme83323 part of a series2741 transformation11307 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126142


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