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Deep in the depths of the endless night~ ✨
safe1750863 artist:nettlemoth12 princess luna100795 alicorn232941 merpony2280 seapony (g4)5254 blue eyes5732 blue mane1188 dark4632 ethereal mane8467 female1402196 fins1513 fish tail1591 flowing mane2023 flowing tail1208 glowing4667 glowing tail78 horn77679 looking at you175734 ocean7267 race swap14672 seaponified2697 seapony luna79 signature26944 solo1094580 species swap20677 starry mane4557 tail30902 underwater5949 water14253


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Peace to all
This is one of the best seapony and one of the best Luna pictures I have ever seen. My favorite part of this design is the tail in its invoking of the moon. All in all 10/10!