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safe1767210 artist:theprince66 applejack174584 rainbow dash240103 earth pony273298 pegasus315442 pony1027121 accessory swap1731 appledash6597 applejack's hat8872 cheek kiss1913 cheek squish971 cloud32489 cloudy6171 complex background431 cowboy hat17677 cute207686 dashabetes9723 daytime107 digital art20624 eyes closed99718 female1416349 folded wings6853 foreshortening103 freckles30515 grass10301 hair tie852 hat91788 hatless2102 jackabetes6321 kissing25616 lens flare1853 lesbian99978 lying down20462 mare509689 missing accessory8414 multicolored hair6072 one eye closed33147 painting3821 prone26616 shipping207396 signature27522 sky15232 smiling265947 squishy cheeks2509 sunny day54 sunshine252 touching hooves32 wings126259


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