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I had to make some creative decisions on the cutie marks, tails, etc but I think it turned out pretty good. A group of AI-generated ponies. The robots are coming for us, and it's cute as hell.
Green haired pone is from
safe1727995 artist:catachromatic56 derpibooru exclusive28797 oc698357 oc:jubilant3 oc:ruby seed4 oc:smooth cream2 unnamed oc1852 bat pony50961 earth pony256967 pony988225 unicorn332734 annoyed5536 bags under eyes2039 bat pony oc18226 earth pony oc9206 fangs26079 female1382243 freckles29524 full body2282 glasses63157 group3515 group shot443 grumpy2558 horn70933 mare491470 not fluttershy475 short237 unicorn oc10049 watermark16592


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What might her special talent be going on that? Jubilant's expression also just screams, "The only thing sparing them my wrath is that they are my friends. And Sweet Cream makes the best coffee, so she is doubly spared."