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Well Celia-girl has gotten a new design! and I love it.

To catch you up on the new Celia, she's a very goofy gal and quite hyper. She loves to tease people, but this mainly comes from her mild ADHD and need to constantly move and have fun. She constantly hangs out with Pinkie and Cheese since they ARE the world's best party ponies. They have a lot of fun together, as if she was part of their already big family. Her biggest targets for her antics was either Penumbra or the middle child amongst the chaotic kids, Solstice Flare (mainly do to the fact that these two were very serious acting in nature and she just wished to see them annoyed).

Her animal parts consist of:
-Deer antlers
-Snow leopard front legs
-Dragon body
-Pony hind legs
-Orange tabby cat tail
-Pegasus wings
-Pony shaped head
-Goat nose
-Floppy-eared bunny ears


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