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It's finally finished! A mountain's worth of sugar, with an equally saccharine title, I hereby pile on top of you~

What can I say, I just really like drawing these two dummies being cute together emerald-green heart bulletpink heart bullet


So, yeah, in case I haven't mentioned it before —the earring (minus the bow, it's just to make it pretty for the proposal~) Mari wears is a marriage token! Faerie's got one too: actually, he's got several different ones with different shapes because he likes to switch it up. But you sometimes can't see it because it's hidden in his mass of hair lol

The colors were really fun to come up with for this! First they're in blue, which then shifts to purple/pink as Faerie pops the question (and it becomes later after sunset). Then they're in green when Mari answers, and finally they're in a scene with both. It's so cheesy and I love it.

Other thoughts… uh, the parachute design is kinda meh, but I limited myself to the amount of research rabbit-holes I was allowed to fall into for this. So it's just a round parachute, because that's what Celestia used in "Between Dark and Dawn" and that's what seeeems to be the type used in early flight irl. Then again, you could argue that despite mlp being fairly low-tech, ponies have had access to flight for a lot longer than us and would have designed better ones. Then again again, you could rebuff that with pegasi they had no incentive to design better ones. Both explanations work imo. But that's also why I put Mari with no real way of steering —this type of parachute is supposed to be used with a pegasi partner. I did put her horizontal rather than vertical like Celestia was in that episode though. To me, it makes more sense that a horizontal species would design something which lets them fall in that orientation as well. But as I said, didn't do as much research for this, so maybe there's a good reason for like the spine and ribs to have the abrupt stop happen vertically? And that's where I stopped myself, cause I wanted to focus on the fluff here, not being 100% accurate lol

Oh, and the reason Faerie's using magic on his wings when he's returning to Mari is that wings aren't made for flying upside down. The feathers overlap to fly rightside up, and would separate and not really work when used this way. Some talented pegasi can compensate with magic and keep their feathers together to still fly though. But Faerie can't… luckily he's got unicorn magic which works just as well here =P

Speaking of magic, the glowing bubbles Faerie is making is actually him just trying to grab air with his magic. It doesn't work very well, so what just happens is his aura envelops some, loses focus and pops. But since the aura naturally glows, it does make for some pretty pretty mood-lighting~

That might have been a bad descision on my part …I can never decide if I love drawing dark scenes with strong light points close to the characters, or loathe them =P They're pretty, but difficult. Either way, I'm happy with how this one turned out :)
safe1723056 artist:jackiebloom213 oc694947 oc:faerie sky10 oc:maria ann smith11 alicorn227741 bird8436 earth pony255089 pony983475 blushing200280 comic109909 female1377794 high res30856 kissing24928 magic74065 male378558 marriage proposal534 oc x oc15763 offspring39812 offspring shipping720 parachute741 parent:apple bloom701 parent:pipsqueak260 parent:princess cadance1651 parent:shining armor1412 parents:pipbloom125 parents:shiningcadance978 shipping202249 skydiving475 straight137886


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