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(yes i know its no where near thanks giving but i had a silly idea and ran with it)

Lia did an awesome job with this!!
safe1727880 artist:liaaqila1023 discord31385 gallus6861 pinkie pie218247 rainbow dash236274 scootaloo51606 spike79546 draconequus12246 dragon57541 earth pony256908 griffon27552 pegasus300313 pony988068 food71549 gallus the rooster236 pie3329 prank1478 scootachicken902 scootaturkey18 silly7491 silly pony3017 sleeping23708 table9369 whoopee cushion59


not provided yet


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Background Pony #0F50
@Background Pony #0F50
I forgot Spike the dragon is here too, but dragons' diet towards horses are ambiguous in the show…

Worry about Gallus, who is the real predator, if his predatory instincts kicks in… Scootavored.
Background Pony #0F50
I think Gallus is thinking differently from Discord and the ponies' thoughts, to actually eat Scootaloo, chickens are cannibals, griffons are predators to the preys horses.