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safe1749141 apple bloom50910 applejack173140 rainbow dash238399 rarity185452 scootaloo51897 sweetie belle49703 earth pony265475 human158814 pegasus308708 pony1009347 unicorn341778 equestria girls206722 my little pony: pony life5695 pony life6186 the best of the worst158 1000 years in photoshop576 applejack's hat8344 cowboy hat17086 cutie mark crusaders19308 female1400689 filly69545 hat90177 looking at you175447 mare501610 older27772 older apple bloom2238 older cmc476 older scootaloo2134 older sweetie belle2470 rainbow dash's house370 self ponidox8341


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@Background Pony #E4A9
With the nice idea but a bad edit of the group when those still complaining of not seeing a pony rainbow dash when she is obstructed by pony life and human apple bloom when others still complain of pony life and pony scootaloo appear to be floating along with pony life rainbow dash and both pony life and pony sweetie belle.