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Some things are just irresistible— a Sugar Cube Corner shake, a good reason to make a mess… and and anything soft and fluffy!!

Somepony's a little jealous of a certain reindeer now.
safe1707177 artist:firefanatic368 rarity181907 sweetie belle49053 velvet reindeer1351 deer5785 pony968327 reindeer2005 unicorn323712 them's fightin' herds4527 behaving like a dog1362 blushing197778 chest fluff39165 chest fluff envy3 community related4214 cute199901 envy119 floating heart2543 fluffy14252 heart48399 hug28287 jealous1233 smug6025 tail wag1075


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Forest of Sin
@Iron Storm
Because making ponies fluffy is fun? Accurate to real-life horses was never the show's strong point, and the fandom isn't the most faithful to the show (Lyrabon was the fandom's darling well before the two shared a scene together). Besides, adding cats to anything has a 98% chance of improving it, and ponies are no exception.
Iron Storm

Raggedy Man
I never understood the 'chest floof' thing. Horses dont have it. They have hair. Literally the same thing people have on there heads. Ponys are not cats.