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Okay but what if, after Mudbriar and Maud broke up on good terms, Mudbriar went for a tall funny and handsome stallion?

-Pinkie introduced the two at a party for Maud (who is still friends with Mudbriar ofc, no hard feelings between them)
-The first time Cheese makes Mudbriar outwardly laugh, it's an accident, just an offhanded joke the morning after a sleepover, but Mudbriar lets out this pleased chortle and Cheese Sandwich just beams
-They probably talked abt the name of their first kid CONSTANTLY
-Sometimes Mudbriar will snap back a quip and Cheese Sandwich will just explode with laughter, like Griffin in MBMBAM having to lean away from the mic bc his laughs are too powerful
-When Cheese gets all sappy and gushy, Mudbriar will affectionately refer to him as his 'melted cheese'



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