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This is an old title page I had been working on for Getter Robo Exo’s first chapter. I’m not going to use this one, so I figured posting it here for history’s sake would be a good idea. A lot of these concepts, like Pinkie being a Heavy-Artillery Party-Tactician, and the Nightmare Legion, will still be present in the final cut.
safe1862095 artist:freehdmcgee114 applejack180959 nightmare moon17989 pinkie pie229659 oc777767 oc:general atlas tremors1 bat pony58358 dragon64687 earth pony313510 robot8757 anthro292441 series:getter robo exo17 armor25948 bomb690 chaps518 chubby14404 clothes519004 comic117688 concept art1790 crossed arms6200 crossover66249 flexing1416 getter bear1 getter energy1 getter rays1 getter robo81 getter three1 glare8493 glowing eyes12685 go nagai8 goggles15458 gun17459 hand on hip9233 hat99533 ken ishikawa1 lasso1349 mare in the moon1882 moon26022 musashi tomoe1 nightmare soldier1 overalls1947 rope13213 silhouette2804 smiling297282 smirk14519 spoilers for another series1047 super robot2 text68533 the nightmare legion1 title page43 tomoe musashi2 weapon34022


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