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Rarity has one of those not so good days and handles it with grace and elegance. =w=b
safe1755153 artist:symbianl389 part of a set13589 rarity186002 pony1015093 unicorn344223 adorable distress559 angry dog noises45 blushing205273 bushy brows148 cheek fluff5978 crying44944 cute206232 dialogue68227 distressed136 drama queen253 ear fluff31429 female1405898 floppy ears54772 fluffy14736 high res33183 horn78352 leg fluff3214 mare504247 marshmelodrama847 meme83560 open mouth155383 raribetes5641 rarity being rarity342 solo1097314 speech bubble24495 teary eyes4460 the worst possible thing114


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Aand now it seems we are back to this set.
Any reason why Fluttershy is not made yet? Just curious.
Regardless, I think this is the second to last Mane Six character to be drawn up, so Fluttershy should be up next. Shame she had to be the last pony in this set, but I guess you saved the best for last.