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Class is in session for our favorite purple smarts. <3
Hope you like this pic. <3

questionable118288 artist:longinius927 starlight glimmer58558 twilight sparkle349818 alicorn302711 unicorn512529 anthro346018 unguligrade anthro63152 g41926665 blushing261656 bottom heavy1157 breast squish2562 breasts376157 busty starlight glimmer3309 cameltoe11077 choker20141 clothes611639 dialogue88949 female1739483 floating heart5691 heart71880 high res103227 implied lesbian4588 implied princess celestia1105 implied principal celestia28 mare703116 microskirt712 panties61696 plump8461 school uniform9254 schoolgirl2313 skirt53173 socks91267 speech bubble36817 thigh highs55952 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146032 underwear76205 upskirt7102 wide hips28365


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