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suggestive148630 artist:badumsquish2013 derpibooru exclusive29382 oc713859 oc only466461 oc:lustrous (shawn keller)27 human159323 pegasus310782 pony1015065 bed42471 blushing205274 bondage35043 chest fluff41427 crown18031 duo65082 eye contact6625 female1405882 femdom8383 guardians of pondonia149 high res33182 human on pony action10737 interspecies23669 jewelry68772 looking at each other21562 looking at you176378 lying down19903 male389441 mare504233 margarita paranormal26 mouth hold18125 oc villain231 offscreen character35857 pegasus oc13265 pinned556 ponydom51 pov14528 prone26424 red eyes6577 regalia21240 rope11877 ropes455 sitting65772 smiling262510 smirk13082 spread wings57297 straight140660 tied up6083 villainess181 window8966 wings123904


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
@Background Pony #C455  
Lustrous isn’t :P
@Background Pony #7DB4  
She likes the tactile feeling of tying someone up :D
@Dirty Bit  
I linked it in the description. It’s a pretty funny weird animation. I don’t think it’s technically pony-related, but I have little doubt it was heavily inspired by it just going off how it was drawn :D
@Background Pony #CECE  
@Background Pony #7DB4  
She’s just turned on. She likes the feeling of rope sandwiched between her and someone else :D
Background Pony #CECE
Is she in heat? Cause i didn’t think that Badumsquish ever drew any pic where a mare, dragon or any other creature in equestria that would go in heat
Background Pony #7DB4
Oh my, what a beautiful bondage pone. She doesn’t need to tie me up, but I’m far from opposed to it.