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"Pressure and Pieces"

Prompt — Draw a pony with a secret / Draw a pony cracking under pressure!

Panicked to finish this one when I realized what the compiler deadline was.
safe1749382 artist:chopsticks615 discord31798 fluttershy217142 spike80463 draconequus12785 dragon58673 pegasus308771 pony1009517 atg 2021758 blatant lies1346 broom1762 cheek fluff5920 chest fluff41135 cute205567 denial339 dialogue67913 ear fluff31133 fangs26644 female1400927 implied discoshy153 implied shipping5189 implied straight5471 male387661 mare501675 modular1179 newbie artist training grounds6500 oblivious486 pun7680 stray strand504 tallershy80 text62142 unshorn fetlocks27121 visual pun1750 winged spike8550 wings122881


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Rice pone
I don't normally do this, but fair warning; when I feel I get the time I plan to revisit this image with a cleaned update and clearer picture as to what's going on, if not convert it into a full comic. (And in the process, overwrite the original with the update).

This does make sense for Discords initial response as he does have self esteem issues at times like in discordant harmony. Also funny to think about spike comment in Big mac breakup of him having tea time because of fluttershy.
I can imagine spike used positive peer pressure and discord being prideful goes to ask her on a date or something and literally breaks in pieces of him using his visual gag of being nervous and spike tryna play it off.
I can see them going to big Mac for advice later, (fluttershy: um u haven't been talking much lately discord) u know since hes married to sugar belle and boom we have a big mac sugar belle esque arc with discord and flutters and BOOM hilarity😂 and romance ensues 💛.