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safe1726982 edit134197 edited screencap66192 editor:quoterific2204 screencap224427 apple bloom50223 applejack171507 big macintosh28547 cheerilee10065 granny smith5396 sandalwood1111 sci-twi24648 scootaloo51586 sweetie belle49389 twilight sparkle303085 equestria girls203161 equestria girls series33625 holidays unwrapped2181 the cider louse fools169 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14517 animation error2085 apple bloom's bow1467 applejack's hat7725 boots22397 bow29301 bowtie10342 clothes467169 cowboy boots1566 cowboy hat16362 cutie mark48450 cutie mark crusaders19169 cutie mark on clothes2614 denim skirt1524 eyes closed95589 female1381332 geode of super strength2200 geode of telekinesis2975 glasses63102 hair bow15971 hat88356 magical geodes9013 male380096 open mouth149865 ponytail18273 shoes37597 skirt40380 smiling254278


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