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Draw a pony alone in the dark / Draw a pony who’s a real night owl.
When you forget to tell your student about Nightmare Moon.
safe1755197 artist:red4567938 luster dawn1663 spike80614 twilight sparkle306668 alicorn233612 unicorn344251 the last problem6110 3d80700 atg 2021758 balloon10444 dancing8589 dialogue68228 female1405929 gigachad spike875 hat90703 jewelry68772 lampshade148 lampshade hat81 looking at each other21565 mare504269 newbie artist training grounds6501 older27905 older spike5525 older twilight1891 party balloon638 poor choice of words4 princess twilight 2.02561 regalia21240 source filmmaker48653 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126388 uh oh286 worried4050


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Background Pony #4BEA
Pinkie has the right idea. Take advantage of the situation, Twi, by making love to Spike “all night long.”