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Original description:
Congratulation to all who graduated this year. Over the year, challenge came from everywhere, yet everyone gave their upmost energy. All in all, the best feelings of passing school year with your besties is the best. Still hope that childhood promise still being kept.
Both can do it, you can do it. Everyone can do it. Break those clouds!
safe1752004 artist:twidasher241 rainbow dash238745 twilight sparkle306338 alicorn233108 pegasus309681 pony1011860 bowtie10657 clothes476468 eyes closed98265 feather6279 female1403170 glasses64785 happy32213 high res32970 lesbian99352 mare502853 meganekko231 open mouth154715 open smile2241 shipping205847 signature26990 skirt41108 smiling261478 suit6135 touching hooves32 twidash5346 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126246


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