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Size: 775x1252 | Tagged: safe, artist:acesential, artist:andrea radeck, artist:jargon scott, artist:jennifer l. meyer, artist:john thacker, edit, nightmare moon, owlowiscious, princess cadance, queen chrysalis, rarity, twilight sparkle, alicorn, bird, changeling, changeling queen, owl, pony, unicorn, adorable distress, against glass, angry, big crown thingy, book, carousel boutique, cloud, cloudsdale, comic, crying, cute, cutedance, d:, duo, element of generosity, element of honesty, element of kindness, element of laughter, element of loyalty, element of magic, elements of harmony, ethereal mane, everything is fixed, everything is ruined, eyes closed, eyes on the prize, fangs, female, flailing, flapping, flying, food, frown, glare, glass, hoof hold, hoof shoes, horrified, jewelry, leaning, looking at something, looking at you, looking over shoulder, madorable, magic, magic the gathering, mare, no pupils, ocular gushers, open mouth, pineapple, ponies the galloping, princess sadance, pure unfiltered evil, rainbow waterfall, raised hoof, reeee, regalia, ribbon, sad, sadorable, scissors, sewing needle, simple background, smiling, solo focus, spread wings, starry mane, tears of anger, teary eyes, telekinesis, twilight sparkle (alicorn), twilight's castle, underhoof, wat, white background, wide eyes, window, wingboner, wings
Size: 3502x4115 | Tagged: safe, artist:namelesshero2222, dj pon-3, vinyl scratch, pony, unicorn, bust, crying, female, floppy ears, high res, horn, looking at you, mare, portrait, sad, simple background, solo, teary eyes, transparent background, vector
Size: 900x900 | Tagged: safe, artist:pusspuss, changeling, adorable distress, bust, crying, cute, cuteling, daaaaaaaaaaaw, fangs, frown, looking at you, male, open mouth, patreon, patreon logo, portrait, reaction image, sad, simple background, solo, teary eyes, transparent background
Size: 3000x3000 | Tagged: safe, artist:v0jelly, applejack, earth pony, pony, appul, benday dots, bust, colored pupils, crying, female, frown, green background, hatless, lidded eyes, mare, missing accessory, modern art, muh, open mouth, pop art, portrait, roy lichtenstein, sad, simple background, solo, teary eyes, text, that pony sure does love apples, thought bubble, unhapplejack
Size: 7772x9393 | Tagged: safe, artist:taaffeiite, derpibooru exclusive, oc, oc only, oc:cyberia starlight, earth pony, pony, :p, >:3, absurd resolution, alcohol, angry, beer, beer mug, blood, blushing, bust, cider, colored sclera, colored sketch, confused, crying, dialogue, disgusted, drool, expressions, eyes on the prize, fangs, female, frown, glare, gray background, grin, gritted teeth, happy, heart eyes, hidden eyes, lidded eyes, looking at you, looking down, mare, mismatched eyes, mug, open mouth, purple blood, raised hoof, sad, scowl, sharp teeth, silly, simple background, sketch, sketch dump, smiling, solo, speech bubble, spit take, squee, surprised, sweat, sweating profusely, teary eyes, teeth, then perish, tongue out, wingding eyes
Size: 2807x3861 | Tagged: safe, artist:lennondash, wallflower blush, equestria girls, equestria girls series, forgotten friendship, ..., alone, angry, blushing, comic, crying, eyes closed, female, high res, sad, solo, tears of anger, tears of sadness
Size: 2048x2048 | Tagged: safe, artist:pfeffaroo, sunset shimmer, pony, unicorn, crying, female, head turned, high res, looking up, mare, princess celestia's special princess making dimension, raised hoof, sad, solo, standing, teary eyes
Size: 2535x1385 | Tagged: safe, screencap, starlight glimmer, trixie, pony, unicorn, no second prances, angry, betrayal, crying, discovery family logo, female, floppy ears, heartbreak, mare, sad, sadlight glimmer, tears of anger, teary eyes
Size: 2000x1400 | Tagged: safe, artist:mkogwheel, applejack, princess luna, twilight sparkle, earth pony, human, pony, unicorn, ;p, angry, constellation freckles, crying, cute, disembodied hand, freckles, frown, hand, hand on cheek, heart eyes, jackabetes, madorable, offscreen character, one eye closed, poking, sad, sadorable, simple background, tears of anger, tongue out, unicorn twilight, white background, wingding eyes
Size: 3157x3925 | Tagged: safe, artist:coco-drillo, fluttershy, pegasus, pony, angry, bust, colourful, crying, determined, ear fluff, female, natg2020, newbie artist training grounds, portrait, simple background, solo, teary eyes
Size: 820x1218 | Tagged: safe, artist:theedgyduck, edit, vector edit, fluttershy, pegasus, 3:, adorable distress, clothes, crying, cute, female, frown, glare, mare, peeved, sad, shyabetes, simple background, sitting, socks, striped socks, tears of anger, teary eyes, vector, white background