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Another Adoption I adopted from Kao-Chou a LONG time ago
Now that I’m finally off of University work, I can spend the whole summer working on my illustrations, YouTube channel, online profiles, and a possible website! These past few weeks I’ve been incredibly busy with my ‘Narrative Animation’ course, what I was working on for the past couple of months was making a short animated film! Which I’m hoping that I’ll be able to show you all later on! <33
For the time being, I got two more things on my ‘To Do’ list to finish which includes a fully illustrated commission and a complex art-trade piece which are both progressing ‘WIP’s! <33
I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer brings! All I’m going to know is that I’m going to be busy, busy! <33

Name-Sunburst ‘Peachy’ Peach
Nicknames- Sunburn, Sunflower, Peachy, Grassy
Gender-female [Pronouns She/Her and They/Them]
Species- Photosynthesizing Earth Pony
Personality- Shy, Introverted, Gentle/Sweet, Rationally Heart-ed yet Ignorant Minded, Artistic and Sensitive
Relationship Status- Single
-Things needed to know-
-Sunburst is EXTREMELY sensitive to heavy sunlight, she has to wear sunscreen protection whenever she needs to go outside even if it’s cloudy. Yet, as she is part plant from an experimental potion to cure her sensitive skin; she gets most of her energy and food from the sun’s rays.
-She has a genetic Vitamin D deficiency
-Her skin and coat is contentiously tanned and freckled in the areas where she absorbs the most sunlight.
-Sunburst has a magical companion named ‘Sun-Beam’ or ‘Beam’ for short. Beam is a miniature sun that was transformed from a common sunflower to be a healthier and safer source of Vitamin D and as a kind back-up if Sunburst is low on sunlight.
-Sunburst’s passion is for gardening and working as a lovable Florist in her own transformed bungalow
-Her favourite colour is ‘Rainbow’ and her favourite flower is a ‘Sunflower’. <3


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