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Happy 8 Year Anniversary to FiM's spinoff Equestria Girls.
safe1750332 artist:optimussparkle308 applejack173256 fluttershy217234 pinkie pie220141 rainbow dash238541 rarity185572 sci-twi25220 starlight glimmer49787 sunset shimmer64772 trixie68733 twilight sparkle306085 equestria girls206991 3d80322 humane five3607 humane seven2676 humane six3419 rarity peplum dress1175 source filmmaker48474 twolight1214


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Background Pony #EDEF
Despite eqg did end I still enjoy it and even have made several fan fiction stories on eqg myself.
Background Pony #7A14

Happy anniversary equestria girls I love the movie series and a tv show enjoyed your celebration 🎉
Background Pony #C2E1
I remembered when I saw the movie in select theaters, it brings a nostalgic tear to my eye. 😢

Equestria Girls was my first MLP movie that I saw in theaters, The 2017 MLP Movie was my last, unless Hasbro Studios decides to release the G5 movie in theaters!