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safe1726977 edit134198 edited screencap66192 editor:quoterific2204 screencap224427 applejack171507 fluttershy214871 pinkie pie218169 rainbow dash236166 rarity183608 twilight sparkle303085 alicorn228438 earth pony256608 pegasus299991 pony987256 unicorn332312 do princesses dream of magic sheep1226 season 51595 applejack's hat7725 cowboy hat16362 cute202892 dashabetes9511 diapinkes10168 female1381327 hat88356 jackabetes6145 mane six32233 mare490943 open mouth149864 raribetes5545 shyabetes14184 smiling254277 twiabetes12117 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124888


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