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safe1750820 edit135900 edited screencap67226 editor:quoterific2538 screencap227437 applejack173301 fluttershy217273 pinkie pie220223 rainbow dash238596 rarity185603 twilight sparkle306182 alicorn232933 earth pony266029 pegasus309247 pony1010776 unicorn342387 do princesses dream of magic sheep1234 season 51723 applejack's hat8429 cowboy hat17176 cute205731 dashabetes9644 diapinkes10277 female1402146 hat90378 jackabetes6250 mane six32568 mare502311 milestone867 open mouth154448 raribetes5628 shyabetes14508 smiling261065 twiabetes12269 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126201


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