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Seems like Angel wanted to help Fluttershy become a more confident flyer, but the pegasus wasn’t
expecting to end up so puffy! After a good old inflation she was soaring through the clouds over
Canterlot! Let’s just hope Rainbow Dash finds her and brings her back down before she floats too high~!
suggestive149948 artist:tuft15 angel bunny10056 fluttershy218764 pegasus315303 pony1026780 :t3897 belly29914 big belly12276 bingo wings2597 blimp427 blushing206915 body inflation96 butt80341 cloud32486 comic112242 dialogue68829 embarrassed11842 eyes closed99692 floating4180 floppy ears55344 flutterblimp52 helium inflation114 helium tank240 high res34294 hose1601 huge belly4122 impossibly large belly10925 inflation9724 neck roll1114 offscreen character36234 plot83077 sky15223 sweat28024 sweatdrops975 underhoof54395 wide eyes17525


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Dawn Bright

Gosh, she looks so lovely and helpless. All she’s missing is something to plug her mouth and stop the air from escaping. 💛
This kind of inflation actually is, believe it or not, safe, as it happens quite often in the show. If you have a problem with it then feel free to filter it.