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The Wonderbolts were testing out a whole bunch of new tricks they could perform for their
next showing, and it seems Soarin got the bright idea to bust out the helium tanks! Spitfire
doesn’t seem best pleased with the results, but she couldn’t deny that she made for quite
the comfy balloon~! <3
questionable113340 artist:tuft17 soarin'14684 spitfire14190 pegasus355735 pony1204507 belly32515 big belly14059 bingo wings2943 blimp485 blue background6536 body inflation161 butt135360 duo90363 female1500037 floating4442 huge belly5158 huge butt11696 impossibly large belly11924 impossibly large butt8105 inflation10457 large butt21329 male422409 mare556392 passepartout54 simple background454899 sitting71874 smiling296690 spherical inflation716 spitfire is not amused38 stallion132406 underhoof57820


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