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The Wonderbolts were testing out a whole bunch of new tricks they could perform for their
next showing, and it seems Soarin got the bright idea to bust out the helium tanks! Spitfire
doesn’t seem best pleased with the results, but she couldn’t deny that she made for quite
the comfy balloon~! <3
questionable112272 artist:tuft15 soarin'14268 spitfire13772 pegasus315442 pony1027121 belly29916 big belly12277 bingo wings2598 blimp427 blue background5641 body inflation96 butt80422 duo66070 female1416350 floating4178 huge belly4123 huge butt10502 impossibly large belly10927 impossibly large butt7504 inflation9731 large butt18441 male393223 mare509689 simple background414546 sitting66377 smiling265947 spitfire is not amused33 stallion118172 underhoof54421 white border13


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