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safe1726948 artist:beefgummies19 screencap224427 fluttershy214867 rainbow dash236166 sci-twi24650 sunset shimmer63851 twilight sparkle303085 equestria girls203162 equestria girls series33625 sunset's backstage pass!2503 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14516 accidental spanking29 arms in the air495 blushing200956 bracelet9674 butt smack30 clothes467162 excited3016 jewelry65684 paddle780 ponytail18275 redraw1920 reference used64 scene interpretation8720 screencap reference758 shorts14226 slapstick200 smack143 spanked269 starswirl music festival25 surprised9416 visor715 wide eyes17212


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Background Pony #17AD

Sunset shimmer: rainbow dash stop hitting my butt that really hurts
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