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please at least finish towelling off first
safe1753553 artist:captainhoers855 soarin'14215 spitfire13713 oc713277 oc:harvest ember10 oc:seafire28 kirin9310 pegasus310224 pony1013144 firestarter spitfire122 alternate hairstyle29137 beach16070 beach chair550 beach umbrella452 bendy straw170 clothes476911 comic111605 drink5058 drinking3613 drinking straw798 female1404463 hair flip243 kirin oc1675 kissing25417 korean1564 male388913 mare503441 oc x oc16363 one-piece swimsuit4785 shipping205997 shirt26264 siblings9559 sisters9374 smiling261973 soarinfire616 stallion116098 straight140567 sunglasses15101 swimming trunks659 swimsuit29814 towel3848 water14282 wet8428 whistle1277 whistle necklace446


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Twist: Neither of these two actually speaks each other’s language. Somehow (or maybe because of it) their relationship still works.